Tweaking MICA Background Services - A Summary

There has already been a buzz around with MICA being your best friend while doing water mitigation. MICA is an industry leading mitigation software that plugs in to your Laptops, Tablets or even your Phones and make your life easier than ever before. MICA lets your job done paperless by seamlessly integrate itself with server and send offline data silently and produce analytical reports for your Insurance companies. If you are new to MICA and want to try, shoot a mail to us at or visit Allow us to change your world.

Even though MICA is going to launch IPhone and IPad version very shortly (or when you are reading this, it might have already launched in marketplace) our main focus until now is with Windows environment. We have an existing popular release of MICA Mitigation Suite which runs on any Windows (including Windows 8) which is widely used nowadays and later on with the inclusion of Android version of the same made it even bigger. The main feature that really helped our way is its background synchronization of data between client and server. We make sure, all your data gets updated to the server once you are online without asking you anything. To do this, we use Background Service in Windows environment that keeps track of your data and updates your software at regular interval.  In this post, I will discuss the features that are included in background service tool available with MICA and also give you insights on how to improve your overall experiences with MICA.

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How to Install the MICA iPad Application

How to Obtain the MICA iPad Application
The MICA iPad Application cannot be downloaded from the Apple App Store yet.  MICA Software will provide the installation file to each user participating in the Advisory Group directly.  Each company will be allowed one device to install the MICA iPad Application on.

Getting Started
We need the following from each Advisory Group User before we can send the MICA iPad App:

1.    Your iPad UDID (please see below for details)
2.    The first and last name, email address, and telephone number of your intended Advisory Group User for MICA iPad (the person who will login and use the app on his/her device) or the MICA User ID for that individual (if they already have a user profile set up in MICA).

Apple provides MICA Software with a limited number of installations for feedback purposes. For that reason, we need to know the Device ID (or “UDID”) of the device where the MICA iPad Application will be installed. To find your UDID: connect your iPad to iTunes on your computer, click on the device, then click on "Serial #" and the UDID for that device will show... you can then press "Ctrl + C" to copy that ID and email it to us at so that we can prepare an installer for your device. 

When you email us your UDID, please be sure send us the required information (above) for the selected Advisory Group User for your company as well as your company name, address, and phone number (all participants must be registered MICA users to participate).

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Troubleshoot SQL Server installation problems while installing MICA

MICA is an industry leading software focused towards improvement of jobs on Mitigation industry. We have a lot of unique features that no other software can give you. Some of the features include :

1. Silent integration with Xactware, Post your jobs directly to Xactimate from MICA.
2. Incredibly easy to define your Custom Rules which will be ported anywhere.
3. Support of large set of devices in different platforms (Windows, Android, Blackberry, Java, IPad, IPhone etc. )
4. Define your own forms using MicaExchange and get data from them in devices at real time.
5. Digitally get work authorizations signed by client.
6. Easily track your equipment used on Mitigation using our Asset Tracking.
7. Get recommendation on equipment before using it.
8. Track time card activities of users in real time.
9. Get configurable alerts every morning on your mailbox.
10. Check overall analytic report about your company everyday.

If you didn't tried it yet, do visit our website for more info:

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Track Assets, Move to MICA Asset Tracker

MICA Asset tracker is an unique solution that make your tracking of your assets easier than ever before. We believe that every manufacturing company that has presence in the market need to use lot of assets and materials.

First of all let us define what is an asset ? 

Literally speaking, asset is anything that is inherent property of a company or an individual. An asset means something that you own yourself, you bought from your money and / or from some service. You can think of your computer is an asset, or even the machinery you own may be an asset. 

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Mitigation Industry Control Application (MICA)

We are here with a new product MICA (Mitigation Industry Control Application). Here is a quick look on its features.


MICA Mitigation Suite is an application that lets you capture mitigation related job data on-site and wirelessly deliver it to a central repository. MICA Mitigation suite produces moisture mapping documentation of a water damage claim based on the industry standard IICRC S-500.

  • MICA is an example of Business Rule Technology
  • Built-in ASD Rules and Protocols

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